Wednesday, 1 May 2013

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We’re teetering on the cusp of 2013’s first change in season and already three celebrities are upstaging their peers and becoming more famous... for their fashion! Read on to find out which three stars are shining brightest sartorially, and how they are taking the fashion world by storm this year.

Only Jennifer Lawrence could make tripping a trend! The darling of Silver Lining’s Playbook and The Hunger Games has a red-carpet wardrobe that went from adolescent to award-winning almost overnight, daring to show off some skin and flaunt killer curves - or maneuver Dior’s now-infamous billowing couture.

She highlights her feisty femininity, oscillating her looks between romantic and risque, and always dressing with a little drama. But her latest coup was actually a cheveux. Seen sporting a brand new shaggy bob with wispy bangs, Lawrence’s hair is having it’s own haute moment.

Former Pop Prince turned King-of-New-Camelot Justin Timberlake proves in 2013 that bringing sexy back definitely involves a suit and tie. Goodbye Mouseketeer,

Hello modern tailoring! Now fitted by Tom Ford and suited for success, with sophistication, the singer/actor/record producer has transformed himself into a top tier trendsetter.

Timberlake's new geeky chic take on dressing to the nine's steals the spotlight with bowties, Savile Row checks, and spectator shoes... and it doesn't hurt that he has a smokingly stylish Jessica Biel accessory on his arm!

Rumor has it that our favorite Rainbow Girl is being revamped. Not that she’s necessarily cutting the bubblegum bold colors or wiping out the wigs entirely, but Nicki Manaj has decided 2013 is time for a
tone down. Where in the past her wears have been costumey and clownish, Manaj’s new fearless fashion choices have simplified her overall style -- we’ll call it a makeunder -- swapping outrageous statement for sleek, and crazy for well-cut, nicely constructed, and colorful. Manaj’s new mature dressing shows that “fresh” is always in fashion -- as is letting natural beauty shine through.

Jennifer Lawrence, Justin Timberlake and Nicki Manaj are 2013’s stars with style, sometimes taking fun fashion risks, returning to the elegance of those good old days gone by, or giving new meaning to drama. Above all, they know how to wear their wardrobes well. These three famous faces are the ones to watch as fashion continues its exciting evolution this year.


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