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For guys, one of the easiest ways to keep up with current fashion is to just take a look at what celebrities are wearing. Luckily, suit styles are pretty straightforward. But there are minor details that can't be overlooked. If you do, you will stand out in a crowd as if you were on fire.

"Off the Rack" = Out of your Mind

Before we take a look at what styles celebrities are wearing, there is a general rule of thumb when it comes to suits: You do not buy off the rack. Your suit should always be tailored to fit you.

Flat Front No Matter What

Suit trousers tend to change often. They go between flat front pants and pleated. And pleats can be anywhere from a single pleat to three pleats. Right now, and for quite a few years now, no one is wearing pleats. A nice overview of current suit styles supporting this claim is in GQ's most recent "Guide to Suits".

Narrow Lapels, Notch and Peak Style

The late 70's through all of the 80's saw a very wide lapel. But today, the narrow lapel reminiscent of the 50's is back. The difference today is that we are seeing "peak" lapels with narrow widths. This is the upper part of the lapel that is either a "notch", or a pointed cut that points upward toward the shoulders. The latter described is a "peak" lapel. Be careful when buying peak lapels because they are much more trendy. If you only need one suit do not buy a peak lapel.

High Gorge, Less Buttons

The "gorge" is the open "v" area that showcases the shirt and tie. Today, the narrow lapels have been paired with a higher, tighter gorge.

In the early 2000's this was achieved by adding buttons; suits were 3, 4, 5 or even more buttons.

Today, the narrow lapel is matched with a more conservative 2 button style; a style that never goes out. One of the best dressed celebrities is recording artist Pitbull.

Most of the suit styles we have described are displayed nicely in this 32 page pictorial slide show on

See, that wasn't that hard, was it? As long as you make sure your suit is tailored, and it looks similar to what celebrities are wearing, you really will be just fine. The last rule we will ask you to apply to your sartorial ventures is universally respected.

That simple rule...No synthetics! Ever!


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